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Program 2017 - Disruptive Travel: The End of the world as we know It

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Digitalization, demographic change, disruption, Corporate Social Responsibility, etc. – these megatrends and buzzwords govern event planners’
everyday routine. One has the feeling one has to be able to know and do everything. Yet everyone surely has good days and bad days - the latent
feeling of being overworked can sometimes develop into euphoria, yet not infrequently it simply leaves one feeling fed up. What are all these MICE
sector megatrends and buzzwords really about? How are they put into practice? Are they even real? Is everything that glitters truly gold? How effective
and efficient are these developments?

Change Begins In The Head - Instigation To Think Outside The Box!
Deviation from the norm is the precursor to progress” says Anja Förster. Her lecture offers courage to those who would intelligently deviate from
the mainstream and successfully challenge traditional ways of thinking.
- How to discover opportunities which the competition has overlooked
- How to systematically look at the big picture of day-to-day business
- How to free yourself from the clutches of the familiar
- How you can quickly learn about how the world is changing

Digitalization, Sustainability And Wisdom – Forces Remodeling The MICE World
From Big Data to Blockchain, our Digital Twins are coming alive, perhaps just in time for the necessary journey through a thirty year window
(perhaps with Uber and Airbnb like platforms) into a world we’ve not yet imagined, a profound Low-Carbon Economy. Will it be an Alice in
Wonderland mirage or a wonderfully wise world where travelers find themselves in life’s abundant hospitality in co-creative communities that could
last the next 500 million years


Publiée le 11 févr. 2017

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