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[ARTICLE] Typologies of Eating Habits in a Multicultural Society: Findings from the Observatory of Eating Habits in Malaysia

in revue Tourisme n°17
Septembre 2009 - 14 pages - 3.00€ (pdf)

Présentation. Eating habits can be studied via the sensorial, nutritional, socio-cultural, economical and ecological points of view. This study reviews research status of eating habits in Malaysia, under the lens of sociology in food studies. It aims to facilitate a better understanding of how modern day's eating habits are inter-related with socio-demographics, lifestyle and cultural influences. In 2007-2008, data were collected using a questionnaire, from 2876 respondents, through face-to-face interviews on (i) eating patterns; (ii) exercising patterns; (iii) anthropometric measurements, and (iv) socio-demographics. The findings reveal that eating habits in multicultural Malaysia are influenced by one's cultural group. The prevalence of obesity among the younger and older generation and its possible causes is discussed. Recommendations are proposed to help the food industry to better position its products among the multi-cultural society in Malaysia.

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