Asia-Euro Transfer of Technology and Knowledge in Tourism, Hospitality & Gastronomy

Novembre 2009 - 154 pages

Indeed it is with great pleasure that we are launching the 3rd issue of the English edition of the Revue Tourisme. The 20-year relationship between Taylor's College, School of Tourism in Malaysia and the Université de Toulouse II in France has directly and indirectly brought about a positive exchange of ideas, knowledge, innovations and quality programmes.
With this third publication, we do hope our counterparts from both countries will be able to understand some of the latest innovations and issues that are besetting the industry in the region.

[ARTICLE] Transfer of Technology in the Tourism Sector to Developing Countries and LDCs : Process and Practices

Par François Vellas / Editions ESPACES / Novembre 2009 / 23 pages / 3.00€ (pdf)
This paper will discuss the eight components involved in the transfer of technology in the tourism sector to developing and least developed countries. The components are: (i) Trends: tourism trends [...]

[ARTICLE] Marketing Use of Nostalgia : an Exploratory Study on a Nostalgic Perception Scale

Par Alexandra Vignolles, Paul-Emmanuel Pichon / Editions ESPACES / Novembre 2009 / 17 pages / 3.00€ (pdf)
Food consumption is a recurring theme when dealing with the concept of nostalgia and nostalgic evocations are quite often associated with food consumption experiences. Every consumer will remember an experience, [...]

[ARTICLE] Understanding the Process of Heritage Building: Constructing Enhancement Indicators Around the Issue of Food Heritage Ownership

Par Jacinthe Bessière / Editions ESPACES / Septembre 2009 / 8 pages / 3.00€ (pdf)
A marker of territorial identity, heritage remains a complex field of investigation. It is what makes “specificity”, what creates similarity and difference at the same time. The aim of this [...]

[ARTICLE] Searching for Food : Nourishment, Nostalgia and Authenticity

Par Paul Reynolds / Editions ESPACES / Septembre 2009 / 12 pages / 3.00€ (pdf)
This paper aims to explore the nature of authenticity and nostalgia in food purchasing as defined and constructed by visitors to three types of food markets. The concept of authenticity [...]

[ARTICLE] Hotel Selection Criteria: Comparison Between Mainland Chinese and Non-Mainland Chinese Individual Travelers

Par Sylvester Yeung, Henry Tsai, Phoebe Yim / Editions ESPACES / Septembre 2009 / 10 pages / 3.00€ (pdf)
With the intense competition in the hotel industry, it is crucial for hotel managers to understand their customers' expectations and needs when making hotel booking decisions. This paper examines the [...]

[ARTICLE] Tourism Development and Management in Coastal Zones: a Case Study of Cox's Bazaar Coast , Bangladesh

Par Mohammad Wali Uddin Bhuyan, Hema Subramonian / Editions ESPACES / Septembre 2009 / 10 pages / 3.00€ (pdf)
This paper intends to explore the components and indicators of coastal development and management and study the status of development and management of the coastal zone of Cox's Bazaar, Bangladesh. [...]

[ARTICLE] Effect of Cultural Difference on Preference for Popular Malaysian Cuisines

Par Huey Chern Boo, Kuan Tuck Keong, Loo Poh Theng / Editions ESPACES / Septembre 2009 / 11 pages / 3.00€ (pdf)
Monosodium glutamate, a sodium salt of glutamic acid with the unique unami taste, is a popular flavor enhancer of food. It has been demonstrated that unami has a distinct taste [...]

[ARTICLE] Typologies of Eating Habits in a Multicultural Society: Findings from the Observatory of Eating Habits in Malaysia

Par Kai Hui Ho / Editions ESPACES / Septembre 2009 / 14 pages / 3.00€ (pdf)
Eating habits can be studied via the sensorial, nutritional, socio-cultural, economical and ecological points of view. This study reviews research status of eating habits in Malaysia, under the lens of [...]

[ARTICLE] The role of Local Cuisines in Developing Tourism in Malaysia

Par Nancy Vathsala / Editions ESPACES / Septembre 2009 / 8 pages / 3.00€ (pdf)
Food has become an increasingly important element in the tourist industry. However, the social science of the tourism experience lacks sufficient consideration of the role of the experience of food [...]

[ARTICLE] Marketing Kuala Lumpur as an Urban Destination: Improving Marketing Effectiveness Through Increased Competitiveness

Par Philip Wong / Editions ESPACES / Septembre 2009 / 13 pages / 3.00€ (pdf)
Competition among tourist destination to gain a bigger share of the tourist market is growing more intense in recent years and urban destinations in Asia are continuously striving to improve [...]

[ARTICLE] Transferring Know-How from Developing Countries to Least Developed Countries-Poverty Alleviation Strategy Via Tourism Through Malaysia's Mega Development Corridor Projects

Par Vikneswaran Nair / Editions ESPACES / Septembre 2009 / 24 pages / 3.00€ (pdf)
With Malaysia hitting the mid-point towards achieving the strategic Vision 2020 of a fully developed nation, the Ninth Malaysia Plan (9MP) (2006-2010) which was unveiled by the Prime Minister of [...]

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