West meets East : a recipe of success in this era of globalisation

Octobre 2008 - 221 pages

With this second publication, we do hope our counterparts from both countries will be able to understand some of the latest innovations and issues that are besetting the industry in the region. Only through publications like this, would we be able to bridge the gap between developing and developed nations.

[ARTICLE] Gastronomic Heritages and Their Tourist Valorizations

Par Jean-Pierre Poulain / Editions ESPACES / Octobre 2008 / 18 pages / 3.00€ (pdf)
Concrete settings of fundamental values of a culture, the food traditions, the cooking and the table manners are reading areas of identities. The act of food taking, which the tourist [...]

[ARTICLE] Assessment of Measures of Assistance to Tourists Subsequent to the Tsunami of 26 December 2004 in Phuket

Par Manat Chaisawat, Watcharee Chamnina / Editions ESPACES / Octobre 2008 / 23 pages / 3.00€ (pdf)
This paper aims to assess the rescue operations to help tsunami victims in Phuket and to provide the findings to government agencies and other parties involved in improving measures for [...]

[ARTICLE] Hanoi Consumers and Avian Influenza: Risk Perceptions, Food Practices and Comparison with French Sanitary Crisis Context

Par Tristan Fournier / Editions ESPACES / Octobre 2008 / 16 pages / 3.00€ (pdf)
This study examines the impact of the recent Avian Influenza epizootic on urban Vietnamese consumers. This research was undertaken to help us understand how consumers reacted to this risk. Moreover, [...]

[ARTICLE] Effects of Menu Items and Dining Occasion on Eating Selection – Does Health Knowledge Matter ?

Par U. Fatimah, L.T. Chan, Huey Chern Boo / Editions ESPACES / Octobre 2008 / 9 pages / 3.00€ (pdf)
The authors report the results of an experiment that addressed three important gaps in the literature. First, previous researched showed that consumers do not consume healthy diets during social occasions. [...]

[ARTICLE] Effects of Service recovery Strategy on Consumers' Perception of Justice: a multicultural Perspective in Malaysia

Par Huey Chern Boo, A.F. Ismail, N.H.M Saad / Editions ESPACES / Octobre 2008 / 10 pages / 3.00€ (pdf)
Service recovery has become an important component of a firm's overall quality and satisfaction program. While research on service recovery in the West has long begun the field of cross-cultural [...]

[ARTICLE] A Measure of the Economic Weight of Tourism on all Economic Sectors of a Region and its Tourism “Territories”: Perceptions, Realities and Implications

Par Jean-Louis Nicolas / Editions ESPACES / Octobre 2008 / 13 pages / 3.00€ (pdf)
Tourism is a transverse economic activity that contributes directly and indirectly to the development of nation wealth. If the measure of the direct economy income does not present particular difficulties, [...]

[ARTICLE] Consumers' Contingent Use of the Duration Heuristic in Price Judgments : Duration-Focused Versus Efficiency-Focused Services

Par Wen-Bin Chiou, Chin-Sheng Wan / Editions ESPACES / Septembre 2008 / 11 pages / 3.00€ (pdf)
In the market place, when service providers advertise or promote their services, emphasis is often on the duration of services. Consumers then have to evaluate services based on the duration [...]

[ARTICLE] Benchmarking Ecotourism Certification: Developing a Model for Malaysia

Par Vikneswaran Nair / Editions ESPACES / Septembre 2008 / 14 pages / 3.00€ (pdf)
Over the years, the “ecotourism movement” has become a movement of global significance. In many developing countries, including Malaysia, ecotourism's ideal principles are being corrupted and watered down, hijacked and [...]

[ARTICLE] A Conceptual Model to Study the Determinants of Food and Beverage Pairing

Par Kai Hui Ho / Editions ESPACES / Septembre 2008 / 11 pages / 3.00€ (pdf)
The study reviewed the factors influencing food and beverage pairing principles in different social groups worldwide. Determinants of food and beverage pairings can be studied via the sensorial, physiological, socio-cultural, [...]

[ARTICLE] Market segmentation of Russian Outbound Travelers to South Korea

Par Hong-Bumm, Lee Sanggun / Editions ESPACES / Septembre 2008 / 14 pages / 3.00€ (pdf)
Using descriptive and SWOT analysis, this research examined market segmentation of Russian overseas travelers into Korea to ascertain the potential of future Russian outbound travelers to Korea. The results indicate [...]

[ARTICLE] Food and the City

Par Chaya Hurnath / Editions ESPACES / Septembre 2008 / 10 pages / 3.00€ (pdf)
In the era of globalization, the traditional way of perceiving the prosperity of urban spaces based on an economic basis is no longer the only important factor that needs to [...]

[ARTICLE] Eating Elsewhere, Eating “Locally” : the Role of Regional Gastronomy in Tourism

Par Jacinthe Bessière / Editions ESPACES / Septembre 2008 / 7 pages / 3.00€ (pdf)
By instituting a recognized national norm, French gastronomy is perceived as a common base, a collective marker which federates a common identity. The notion of “eating well” in France is [...]

[ARTICLE] An exploratory study of the service sector in Malaysia: tourism as an alternative source of development

Par Uma Thevi Munikrishnan / Editions ESPACES / Juillet 2012 / 11 pages / 3.00€ (pdf)
The Malaysian Government views the service sector as a catalyst for growth and encourages the development of the tourism industry through various incentives and policies. Over the past few years, [...]

[ARTICLE] Introducing a Tourism Industrial Development Life-cycle Model: Productivity spillovers as essential criteria for sustainable development

Par Kong Yew Wong, Tom Baum, Roger Perman / Editions ESPACES / Août 2008 / 20 pages / 3.00€ (pdf)
Foreign multinational hotels and host governments are mutually dependant in developing host tourism destination. International chain hotels possess competitive advantages that are highly desirable in developing a tourism destinations. Ranging [...]

[ARTICLE] The tourism satellite account of Malaysia: Basic understanding, implementation and issues

Par Kong Yew Wong, Yew Wen Nie / Editions ESPACES / Juillet 2012 / 18 pages / 3.00€ (pdf)
The development and growing needs of the hospitality and tourism sectors have given international organizations such as the World Tourism Organization (WTO), the United Nation (UN) and the Organization of [...]

[ARTICLE] From Global to Local: Tourism industry Communication revisited

Par Arlette Bouzon, Joëlle Devillard / Editions ESPACES / Septembre 2008 / 9 pages / 3.00€ (pdf)
The intent of the present paper is to analyze the new organization forms of logic that have emerged in the tourism industry over the last fifteen years, both in Europe [...]

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